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Becric Affiliate Review 2021 – Scam or Legit? Proof with Screenshots

Dear CrikTrikers, this is the first review I am writing on our website. I always try to give you the best offers from the bookmakers and also make sure they are reliable. I recently ran into this new sportsbook company which also provides casino betting. They seemed legit, but then the problem raised while trying to withdraw.

I was contacted by one of the personal managers representing Becric to promote their website. I always try the betting site on my own, and only after it satisfies me, I recommend it to my valued followers (you in this case). At that time, I didn’t get any information about Becric online. I didn’t find any reviews online about it as it was a new bookmaker in the market.

Registration & Verification:

I registered for a player account on Becric and got myself verified. The registration was done quickly using my mobile number, and I got to deposit as soon as I got registered. To verify the account, I had to produce my Identity proof, address proof, and bank details. The verification process took 4 days.

Becric Mobile App - Registration Window

Becric Mobile App – Registration Window

App & Betting Odds:

The app interface is clean and easy to use. Becric has all major sports and other events to bet. Betting odds were pretty competitive compared to other bookmakers in the market.

Becric Sportsbook event odds

Becric Sports Events & Betting Odds

Personal Experience/ Review:

I used it for a couple of days, and it worked very well and faced no problems. I tried withdrawing a small amount to check it works. Money got transferred into my account. I was satisfied and then started promoting Becric on

Then as days passed, I won day by day and accumulated around Rs. 88,000 on my player account. I was looking into my affiliate account, and I noticed I was never getting paid by them. I tried withdrawing on my own, but I was getting errors. So, I contacted my assigned personal manager and asked about it. He told me it should be deposited into my account in the coming month (June 2021). Find the screenshots of the conversation here.

Whatsapp Conversation Screenshot 1

Whatsapp Conversation Screenshot 1


Whatsapp Conversation Screenshot 2

Whatsapp Conversation Screenshot 2


I had around Rs. 17,000 on my affiliate account. But, suddenly, one day, everything disappeared and showed Zero. Find the screenshot of the same below.


Reset to Zero

Affiliate Balance Window

They had reset my affiliate commission balance. But I got the month-by-month details still on my account. Find the same on the below image.

Month by Month report - Becric review

Month by Month report

After this incident, I reached out to my personal manager again. He didn’t respond for two days and later behaved rudely, as you can see in his response by yourself in the below image.

Whatsapp Conversation Screenshot 3

Whatsapp Conversation Screenshot 3

Immediately, I tried withdrawing my balance from my player account, but it was banned already. I no longer have access to my player account.

I tried all that I could to get back my account and money back. But to no avail. 

I sincerely apologize to my fellow CrickTrickers for introducing and recommending a scam bookmaker on

Personal Advice/ Final Verdict:

I don’t want anyone else to get scammed like this. So, if anyone is planning to join Becric, please don’t join and lose your hard-earned money. For people who are already using it, please withdraw your balance as soon as possible. Exit Becric platform and join some other reliable bookmakers.