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Your Contribution: Transforming Lives Through Education of Orphans and Physically Challenged Children

Contribution for Children education

Hello my dear followers, I know many of you are concerned about paying for the reports which was free before. But, this money is not for me. There are 150 students awaiting to get school admissions, food, clothes and other necessary things. They don’t have parents and some are even physically challenged.


I don’t want to ask for donations, so if you wish my reports are worth it you can pay and get daily IPL reports. One child’s annual expense comes close to approx 5,000 rupees. All your money is going for the same cause.


I am writing this for people who think I am taking this money to become rich. Please understand, I’m doing good and I have my sources of income to take care of myself. So, I don’t have anything to do with the money paid for the reports. But, I alone cannot contribute such a huge amount.


Education is the most powerful catalyst for social and economic change. It’s the key to breaking the cycle of poverty, providing a pathway to a better future. For orphans and physically challenged children, it’s their ticket to a life that isn’t defined by their circumstances but by their potential. When you donate to their education, you’re providing them with the tools to carve out a future that is bright, hopeful, and promising.


The impact of your contribution extends beyond the immediate beneficiaries. By investing in the education of orphans and physically challenged children, you’re also indirectly contributing to the upliftment of their communities.


This is a small initiative by CrikTrik so that, you (CrikTrik.Tips followers) and I are benefitted by it both ways.


Here’s an image of my last contribution.


Schools will start soon and we have very less time to achieve the goal.


You Too Can Become A Hero With Your Contribution

If you also wish to donate for the children’s future apart from what you are paying for my reports, you can send in me the money mentioning the same.

I’ll share the amount received for the cause and show you all how our money is being used. Thanks for understanding.


Here are the payment details:


UPI ID: [email protected] 


Scan The Below Code

And send the screenshot of the payment mentioning to contribute for child’s education to us on Whatsapp –> Click here


Once Again Thank you my dear followers.